How to Get More Productive With Technology

This technology driven era is supposed to help us in taming our fast and furious world. But it seems like the opposite is happening. Instead of using technology the right way to make our lives easier and simpler, we have ended up complicating it.

It’s high time that you started embracing technology the right way to help you catch up with your fast paced life and help you give your best both in your personal and professional life. There are a range of apps and tools which you can take advantage of to unleash your creativity and productivity. Here are some ideas that you can incorporate in your routine to help you do so:


Only Buy Useful Gadgets:

technologyDon’t get enticed by every new gadget launched in the market. This is a fast gadget changing world. Every few weeks, new technology is brought into the industry. Know your needs and buy only the ones you can really use. A smart watch looks attractive and is no doubt, useful too, but first figure out if the functions you are buying it for are available on your smartphone. Chances are that some of them can be added to your phone with already available apps. If you just have to have your new gadget, try using eBay coupons available on You will usually find them at a lower price with the bonus of cashback. Remember, buy only those gadgets which will be truly useful for you.

Install the best apps:

technologyApps have come a long way! There are numerous apps present in the market today which you can download instantly on your laptop or phone and pave the way to a smarter life. After all, smartphones are called smart for a reason! Be it using them for shopping, surfing the web or tracking your activities; they are useful for a host of reasons. Figure out the ones you need and start using them.

Turn them off an hour before sleeping:

technologyWhen people today say that they are going to sleep, what they really mean is that they will check their phone for some 30 minutes or so before going to asleep. However little do they know that it’s this very habit that is giving them sleepless nights. Most gadgets are known to emit a blue light which sends alert signals to your brain and after staring at a glaring screen for some time, you will have trouble sleeping. Keep away from these devices for at least an hour before you sleep, as lack of sleep is known to be a major cause of reduced productivity.

Tackle your weak spots:


2015 has so far been a year packed with the launch of crazy, super cool gadgets. There are so many creative gadgets on the market today which can help you overcome your weaknesses. Suppose if you aren’t a morning person and frequently end up missing your morning lectures. You could invest your money in a flying alarm which can be bought at a discounted price using Shopclues coupons on The flying alarm starts flying around the room on ringing and you will need to get and catch it to stop it ringing! Wicked cool, right!!


Restrict your time or checking emails:

technologyChecking e-mails every now and then can be your biggest productivity killer. Unless you have a job which requires you to check it every few seconds, give up on that bad habit of yours and you will see a lot of your precious time not getting wasted. Assign a specific amount of time throughout the day for checking them and stick to it.


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