Inspector Gadget Movie Review

Inspector gadget movie is a 1999 live action comedy film based on the 1983 animated series of the same name. The film was produced by Caravan Pictures and DIC Entertainment and distributed by Walt Disney. It tells the story of how Inspector Gadget and Dr. Claw came to be in the cartoon.

John Brown, the main character, starts the appearance as a security guard at the laboratory run by robotics scientist Brenda Bradford and her father Artemus in Riverton, Ohio. At the same time, John is wishing to join the local police department, with the support of his nice Penny. Unfortunately, Sanford Scolex attacks to the lab and kills Artemus. He also throws victory cigar which is a disguise of dynamite right besides John’s car, causing him suffer from extensive tissue damage. However, he is still alive and Brenda decides to turn him into a completely cybernetic man using a computer chip which powers John’s in-built gadgetry. That is the main story of inspector gadget movie, the transformation of a security guard into gadgetry man who is forced to do community service assignments. To do his duties, Gadget is accompanied talking and intelligent car, Gadgetmobile.

Inspector gadget movie can be enjoyed by children and adults. The fun watching this film is how Gadget learns to use his new powers and abilities. Though it shows much about the gadgetry man who is in action, the whole movie still offers the exact fun. It is possible to take the kids watching the movie with the parents with Inspector gadget movie. Or adult people can recall the childhood memories by enjoying the film. What makes it different with the cartoon version is that audiences can see the face of Dr. Claw. He is also wearing metallic claw instead of steel glove. Even so, the reason behind why he has metallic hand or claw is a bit revealed.

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