Why Using Streaming Video Hosting Sites

Business owners can take the advantage of streaming video hosting sites as the internet marketing strategy. It's provided to let visitors upload their videos, i.e YouTube, Dailymotion, MySpace, Vimeo & Yahoo Video.

Have you ever made an experiment to upload a video on your WordPress blog? It worked well at first when you streamed the clip yourself. However, you received many complaints from other viewers since they did not get the same experience like yours. There are some reasons why this idea does not work. You should not host the video yourself. The right way to get the clip streamed smoothly is using one of popular third-party streaming video hosting sites.

Video hosting refers to the service provided by today’s most web hosting companies to let visitors upload their videos for others to view online. The viewers can stream, comment, rate and give other interactions on the videos, creating the sense like an interactive forum on this video hosting facility. There are many video hosting sites available now to choose from. Take for example YouTube, Dailymotion, MySpace, Vimeo and Yahoo Video. To get the wanted video work well when being streamed on your WordPress blog is by first uploading it on one of the web-based streaming video hosting service. You can use YouTube. Once it is successfully uploaded, you can copy the URL and embedded to the wanted area on your own site. When this video is streamed by the viewers, the hosting facility comes directly from YouTube.

Business owners can also take the advantage of the streaming video hosting sites as one of the internet marketing strategies. But unlike the personal users, the commercial-oriented owners need to use the hosting service which offers membership and more advanced protection to their videos. You can specify the viewers and a single domain which gives the addition level of protection against piracy. In selecting which sites to host your videos, you should first take a look at the offered technical features and benefits. Do not forget to consider your specific needs.

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