Microsoft Security Scanner with Every 10-Day Update

Microsoft security scanner is made to scan the computer for viruses, spyware, rookkits & malware. It's compatible to Windows 7, Windows 2003, Windows Vista & Windows XP.

Microsoft security scanner is a stand alone on-demand computer scanner that erases viruses from PC. It is software solution designed to keep your computer clean by finding and removing all kinds of malicious files on the local disks. This program was launched on April 24 2011 to replace the defunct windows Live OneCare Safety Scanner which was a Web-based scanning system.

Microsoft security scanner is made to scan the computer for viruses, spyware, rookkits and other forms of malware. It also works with the existing antivirus programs while many active anti-malware programs usually run into conflicts with others that can cause slowdowns, false positive or even system lockups. You do not need to waste the time how to configure the app. You just need to run it and see what it finds on your computer. Each download of this program only lasts for 10 days too. It means that you will need to download the latest version to run it again. Although it looks unpractical, this is beneficial as it lets you use the software only when you need it. Once the problem is solved, you are able to uninstall and move on. There is no need to pay any because this application is available for free.

There are three options how to use Microsoft security scanner. The first one is quick scan which checks only the file system locations most commonly targeted by malware. The second option is to scan the entire system which will take time. The third way is to scan specific files that you suspect may be infected. This scanner installation file is a 70 MB download. Therefore, it occasionally just becomes a second opinion. The software is compatible to Windows 7, Windows Server 2003, Windows Vista and Windows XP. The CPU clock speed should be 500 MHz and 256 MB RAM or higher.

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